Lime green leaves and small flowers

sandyslopes z5 northern UTOctober 2, 2013

I have several hardy hibiscus around the yard and only one seemed to have trouble this year. It's Hibiscus Helene Althaea. It's leaves were lime green instead of the usual dark green, and it had less flowers that were smaller than usual.

There were only two differences this year from any other. 1. More sun in the heat of the afternoon, and 2. This was the only hibiscus that was mulched with Soil Pep. Everything else around it mulched with that did well. Lime green leaves, is that a nutrient deficiency?

Do you think it will come back more like its usual self next year? Or if it comes back next year with lime green leaves, what should I do for it? I have sandy alkaline soil, and this hibiscus grows leaves on the wood that was there last year. Should I be cutting it down every year in spring? Last year it was a beauty so I'd like that look again.

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IanW Zone 5 Ont. Can.

Since you have sandy soil, it is possible that there may be a deficiency of nitrogen since nitrogen is the first to be leached out by watering/rains....light or pale foliage colour makes me think that it needs fertilizing....
If it was my hibiscus, I would give it some fertilizer (10-10-10) early next spring and again in May and one more time in June.....
You should see a difference by then
I wouldn't prune it back until you can figure out what is the problem.....

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sandyslopes z5 northern UT

Thanks for answering ians gardener. It bloomed so nice last year, maybe the soil it's in became depleted? The Soil Pep is a bark mulch, but I never did get any compost to this hibiscus. Next spring I will try some 10-10-10 fertilizer and see what happens.

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