Would like to start a farm and become self sustaining

stephanie1_usSeptember 14, 2009


I was wondering if anyone could offer some areas in the united states for farming. My husband and I are newlyweds and we are looking to move somewhere to start our own farm. It doesn't have to be a large farm.. maybe 20-50 acres..But something that isn't extremely humid like Florida region, but not freezing like Michigan. I have been doing a little research and heard that Illinois and Indiana are very good states. We are not growing anything specific, we would just like to be able to survive off whatever we grow in a greenhouse as well as farming the land. I am looking for something near a small town that is family oriented in hopes that we will someday raise a family.However not anything in the sticks where the closest store is 3 hours away either.. lol Any suggestions of nice little towns or areas to live, or maybe other states that have very good soil?

Any tips or help would be appreciated.


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I live in Illinois. I first moved to the country seven years ago. It was nice to make the transition, because I lived like 25 minutes from town, and a hour from a big city. And about ten minutes from a major interstate. It is good because I think it helped make the transition, because if I wanted to go to the city, or town it was not to much driving. Now a days I don't even make it out to the city, and rarely to town. But, I think it was nice having the option to be kind close to my old 'city' friends. Even thought they can't understand why I would move so far away...hehe... The town I live near is crappy.....but I am so busy on my farm I don't really go there anyway.
For my soil it started out as clay, and with amending organically for seven years it is AWSOME! Actually that is one of the reasons I would never leave.....I could not just ditch out on my soil!! Its a living thing, and with my help gets better every year. I guess what I am trying to say, is if you don't have to move were the soil in perfect. Because then you can do what you want with it! Just make sure it is not completely crap. My friend moved from her to a mountain in California, and a friend that lives in rural Mo. with rocky soil. I mean there property is beautiful, but all they can talk about is the never ending rock removal. I can stand clay, but I have to just say no to rocks. That is never ending/manual labor! good luck :)

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I live in IN, about 140 miles south of Chicago. I live in a county that has very little zoning regulation. I may be biased, since this area is where I grew up and the family been on this acreage since 1898. I own about 18 acres, 1/3 wooded. We do a farmers market during the summer and hubby is a carpenter. I do merchandising during the off-season for market. I'm lucky that my ground is not very clayey, mostly loam. It's been conventionally farmed for years, so I still need to amend the ground.

By moving from MI to IN or IL, you won't need to change your farming techniques much, but the weather is not near as cold.

I moved from IN to FL for 8 years, and I could not change my farming/gardening skills enough to be happy.

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I have a small farm and some farm equipment in a secluded spot in Central Pennsylvania, not too far from the Susquehanna River. I built a huge house and currently live in it part time, by myself. My children are all grown, graduated university and live all over the country. I say I live on the farm part-time as I travel a lot and also have a home in the South where I spend a lot of time.

I would love to make this place available for a couple or individual who is looking for a place for self sustainable farming.

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