planting hibiscus question

sandalsOctober 4, 2006

Hello hibiscus lovers! I have a question for all of you and would appreciate your advice.

I recently bought my first house and the previous owners had NO LANDSCAPING AT ALL. I am currently planning on what to do for spring but I have a question on 2 hibiscus that were given to me.

I ran into my old neighbor and she just gave them to me. I was going to plant them outside but I fear it is too late in the season and they may not make it through the winter? What is your advice to do with these 2 plants until spring? Can I plant them in a container and leave them inside for the winter?

I do not know what type they are. I assume they are some type of hardy hibiscus. I appreciate your opinions.

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Hi. If you are in zone 6, which I think I'm reading correctly from your info, if they are true hardy's you can plant them outside now until the end of October or early November (depending on the weather). This will give them ample time to establish root system before the freezes set in and should take off nicely come spring. If they are tropicals you'll have to winter them inside in pots. I've done this with tropicals and had blooms in the middle of winter! That's a great pick me up on a gloomy winter day. Good luck, hope I've helped.

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I appreciate your feedback. I will get them planted!

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