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ippymiss(6)October 7, 2007

HI, I took a few twigs off my dinner plate, and took off the leaves but left a few smaller ones. Put in water and waitied for roots to take place . Well after 2 months no roots but I have lots of new leaves forming. I dont want the leaves I need roots, what to do??? I want to be able after they root to plant in potting soil and keep in the house until next spring then I can transplant into the ground. thanks

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I rooted a tropical hib this summer by simply removing the leaves, dipping the stem in rooting hormone, and sticking it into the soil in the pot with the mother plant. I covered the cut piece with a milk jug with the bottom cut out to provide additional humidity, and it rooted after about 6 weeks. Might work better to try that than to try rooting it in water.

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beachbarbie(z9a/8b NC)

Rose nutty is right. Putting it in potting soil will get the roots to form.

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i just rooted 2 hibiscus' for the first time this year. one started to shoot out roots about a month later and now is branching out like crazy. the other one i havd took forever to root! i started it in late may and it finally has roots. it has a ton of tiny leaves on it and has a bud that is about to bloom! im so excited. good luck with yours!

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