Are we considered homesteaders?

hoerlel(z5NY)September 26, 2005

I have been reading your threads for a while and I am curious to know whether you would consider us homesteaders. We moved from a city to a rural 55 acre 200 year old home that had no electricity or plumbing except for a sink pump. Our nearest neighbors are a mile away. We renovated and added onto our saltbox and the house is completely modern with all the conveniences.

I grow our own vegetables and collect berries and uses anything that I can that grows wild to use for crafting. My dh is a teacher and also runs his parents beef farm. I recently retired and I make our own bread, pastas. mustard, cereal, cheese and ice cream. I never buy cakes or cookies or anything that I can make myself. I sew, quilt and various other needle crafts.

I always thought it was because we enjoyed the solitude and nature and making our own foods. So, what would you consider us? I never heard of homesteaders before this forum.

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You sound awfully close to to me, But, old time homesteaders didn't have PC's. Lol gotta get rid of it.

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I really think the inside toilet would go before my pc since the original outhouse is still present and functional, LOL!

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