Dividing a tropical hibiscus

egk47(Z6 OH)October 5, 2006


My tropical hibiscus is desperate for a transplant, but I've already got it in a huge pot. I note that there are 3 'trunk like' trunks coming from the soil and wonder if I can split them and put them into 3 pots? It's time for new soil and almost frost season, so I know I've got to bring it in soon. Any thoughts?



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beachbarbie(z9a/8b NC)

It is possible to do, I've done it before.
First though, are you going to be overwintering it in a sunny locations where it will continue to grow and bloom? If not, then you'll want to wait until spring.
First I'd make sure each 'trunk' has good root systems. When I did this, I soaked the plant in water, getting most of the dirt from around the roots. I was able to keep most of the roots intact and unbroken this way. I then repotted each section in pots that the root systems almost filled since they plants are going to be stressed and therefore more prone to root rot.
I did not prune the plants and they came thru the 'surgery' just fine!
Good luck!

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