Moving a hibiscus

Lucky_LadOctober 13, 2013

I'm trying to move a hibiscus from a friends house to mine. I dug a small piece that was at the end of their plant and transplanted to my yard. This was about Oct. 8th. It was only out of the ground about 15 minutes. After a few hours it started wilting and has never recovered. My questions are, should I leave the stems on it that are there now, or trim it way back? Do you think it will come back next year?
Thanks, LL

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An update?

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This is the second year for this plant and it was twice as big as it was the first year I planted it. As you can see it's too close to the house and I'd like to move it. Should I do that in the fall after it has gone dormant and I've cut it back to the ground or should I wait until Spring after the last Frost and before it starts to send green shoots up? Thanks very much

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Bump! I want to know also. I need to move one ofmine that is in too much shade.

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Sorry, I haven't looked at this site for a while. I left it alone for about 2 weeks. The leaves had really shriveled up and the stems were drying up, so I cut it back to maybe 2 inches high. I hope it comes back next year. It is a very soft pink color. I'll try to update the outcome next year.
Cheers, Laddie

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After a cold, very long winter I wasn't sure the hibiscus would make it. This picture was taken on May 11. It looks like it's coming back. When it blooms, fingers crossed, I'll post another picture.

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This is exactly what you want to see with a mallow hibiscus. Keep it well watered. These varieties die back each year, and should be cut back to about 2 inches or so. They are late to show new growth, but take off rapidly when it starts. I do not see why you will not have blooms from it this year.


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thats handy to see! i just put my two hardy hibs in the ground, but they aren't exactly happy right now. I am hoping that they will take root enough to over winter and come back strong next year. they are only a couple years old at this point...

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Thanks for the wisdom Ed. Because it dies back every year is why I wanted it there. When we moved into our house 20 years ago, it had two rhododendrons on either side of the entrance in our dooryard. Then we replaced a shingle roof with a metal roof. Most of the snow will slide off in one sheet and flatten whatever is under it, I'm in Maine. After a year or two, the rhodies had enough. So this plant is perfect.
Regards, Laddie

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Here it is August 16 and I got my first flower today. So moving was easy and rewarding. Is this late blooming typical of a zone 5 plant? Is it a variety anyone knows?
I'm going to call it "Trudy" after a special friend whose yard I got it from. She's in a nursing home now with Alzheimer's disease, and I think of her and her husband when I see it.

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It's loaded with flowers, but they better hurry. Here in zone 5 we could have frost in 6 or 8 weeks.

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One more picture. After a week of blooming, flowers are now more pink as I remembered them. Is this color fluctuation common?

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Yes, hot=lighter, cool=darker

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