winter care for my hibiscus

tadpole40(Michigan)October 18, 2008

I have a hibiscus 4 foot tall with 3 trunks twisted together. I brought it in the house in its container before the first hard frost.. A week later the leaves turned yellow and dropped as well as most of the buds. There are a few leaves left and a few buds.. I heard you are supposed to trim them back..but I don't know how far and if I put it in the basement,do I water it and how often. I hate to lose this wonderful plant that has brought so much pleasure to my eyes all summer. Please


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phyllisb2008(8 DFW)

Tadpole, I have hibiscus and sounds like your plant is in shock. I never trim mine and I keep it in the house by a window and it blooms off and on all winter then when spring gets here back out in the sun it goes. I water it only when the leaves get droopy. when I first bring it in leaves turn yellow and drops just leave it alone and it should be fine.

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I just bought a couple of Hisbiscus this year and don't know much of anything about them, to be honest.

From what I read here, it seems I need to bring them in during winter. Is that true or is that only if I want them to keep blooming. If I leave them in the ground, will they die or will they just not bloom again until spring?


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