How Long Do I Soak Seeds?

paige_nc(7A NC very close to 6)October 12, 2007

How long do I need to soak my hardy Hibiscus seeds before planting them in some potting soil?

I just put some into water today


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Gee, I didn't soak the seeds of mine.
Just planted them and they grew.
They all came up alright, but when you go to transplant them, they die.
You are in NC, but why don't you wait til next April and sow them right into the ground?
I don't think they have a good transfer survival rate if you grow them in the house first.
I'm sowing the seeds off of my hardy hib in the soil next spring.
Keep them moist! Water daily
Good Luck!

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paige_nc(7A NC very close to 6)

Thanks so much for the info. I'll just wait & plant some outside next spring.

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I planted seed this year and grew almost 400 plants. I waited until late May when it was really warm. I prepared a 3 inch deep tray, sowed the seeds, covered the seeds and soaked it with water. I put it in the HOT greenhouse. They sprouted in 3 days. The key is moist soil, hot soil and lots of sunshine. When large enough, I transplanted 3 per pot, 124 pots. I lost about 10 pots over the entire summer and this summer was HOT, hot, hot and dry, dry, dry. I watered the transplants daily. I've traded and given away about 40 pots and I just put 70 or so in a pit made from concrete blocks and heavily mulched the pots with fine, black compost. I'm going to plant them around the yard next spring.

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