Having troubles with 'Bonnie's' rosemary plants

catherinet(5 IN)May 27, 2009

I bought several of "Bonnie's Plants" rosemary plants. I've bought those for several years and they did well. But this year, one plant has already died and the others aren't looking too great. Anyone else have problems with Bonnie's herbs this year?


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How did the plant die? In my area the growing conditions are not "normal". Too much water, too cool, then too hot. Depending on the problems with the plants it may be no body's fault.

Can you discribe the problems with your rosemary?

Since Bonnies are in those pots did you remove any of the pot that was above the ground and put extra soil on top of the ridge?

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catherinet(5 IN)

Hi maiifleur,
These are in soil in containers on my deck, like I do every year. A couple of the rosemary plants just turned brown and died. A couple of them are doing okay.
I removed most, if not all of the cardboard pot.

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novice_2009(zone 6b)

CAT, put my bonnie rosemary in pot, as it needs to overwinter indoors anyway. So far, so good. Keep it in sun, and as always, remove wet and top of peat pot. Regular exposure to daylight? LOVE the smell when I brush my hand against plant. Bonnies okay for me. Just remove wet peat pot before planting- as much as you can. It all varies I think, on weather, time, etc. Try to obtain more, maybe from different source. I've had no problems with Bonnies.

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Most people have a problem with pots like these because they keep the roots too wet but also wick off the moisture. But by removing wet and top of peat pot the way novice has done works.

Even if the plant left "Bonnies" in good shape no one knows how it has been handled since then. If the original plants looked bad then you might have a complaint against the company but you probably would not have purchased.

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catherinet(5 IN)

Thanks everyone.

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My Bonnie's Rosemary is doing awesome. Very happy plant that's growing like a weed - very green & floppy/tender branches for a rosemary. I always remove as much as I can of the cardboard pot as I see no benefit to leaving it there unless you're paranoid about ripping off tiny roots.

A stupid question...I'm from Nor Cal where Rosemary is a perenial. I'm now in Missouri - can it survive outside here?!

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Missouri is a fairly large state with several climate zones along with different soil types, altitudes. The answer is probably no to surviving outside unless you are lucky. Better chance near St Louis than western Missouri more depends on your amount of humidity.

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We are having an unconventional spring, as well. VERY rainy, and my rosemary isn't doing well. I have tried to move it out of the weather, but I just think it got too waterlogged. Maybe that's what happened?

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