newly planted hibiscus -- leaves looking droopy

cvoeg(z5 Chgo)October 18, 2005

Planted a hibiscus macro-something that we found half price at the beginning of October. Have had rain & gloomy days for a week straight and it's looking pretty droopy. Should I just leave it alone or cut it back to let the roots get established and not have to support the whole plant?

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Check the area of the *original* rootball. Likely it's dry.

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I transplanted a hibiscus (Rose of Sharon) before the rainy and gloomy days also. For the past couple of days, mine's been looking very droopy too. Have you been watering your plant more often? Is it looking better? I thought mine was droopy b/c of too much rain. I'd be curious to know how your hibiscus is doing now.

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cvoeg(z5 Chgo)

sorry for the delay in updating (planted the Hibiscus at my daughter's in NH & I live in Chicago).

Anyway, here's her update:
"did give it a little extra, but there has just been so much heavy rain that I can't imagine that it needs any more. The ground around it does not seem dry at all. Leaves do not look any better.
Wonder how hers is?? I'm going with what that other person said about them being "drama queens" - probably upset with NOOOOO SUN - just like all the rest of us! :-) Today it is not raining and it is partly sunny, though."

It is a Hibiscus Copper King.

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Mine is newly planted too and is a confederate rose hibiscus...also droopy after days of can't be dry?

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cvoeg(z5 Chgo)

the plant I originally described in the first post looked dead until a week or so ago & now has new shoots and green leaves coming up. We're VERY happy to say the least!

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