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Desirai(7B)October 3, 2011


This is my first serious year of gardening. I've always kept houseplants, but this year I began growing everything I could find.

This coming year of 2012, I want to start learning hybridization, cross pollinating and grafting.

I've decided to start with hibiscus, simply because I already have 2 growing in my yard.

However.... I need help.

One hibiscus is known as confederate rose and rosemallow. The other one is a pink rose of Sharon.

Can these 2 plants cross breed at all? either by grafting or swapping pollens?

If I buy other hibiscus, which ones can I get that CAN cross breed?

Personally I don't like the flowers on these, I much prefer the huge flowers that other hibiscus have.

Basically long story short, how do I know what types of hibiscus can cross breed?

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Never have tried to cross-pollinate but both are easy to start from cuttings, but they will be the same as the parent plant. The Confederate Rose have a large double bloom and can get up to 20 feet tall with over a 12 dia trunk. The Rose of Sharon has 3 inch blooms. If you want to try cross-pollination I would go looking in your neighborhood for someone who has a blue, purple or white bloom and ask for cuttings they are both double and single blooms and when mature produce lots of blooms. Then you will have something to work with as to cross-pollination. But even then the seeds do not come true only the cuttings.

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