Hibiscus at Home Depot

seaecho1(SW CA)October 13, 2006

Hi! I bought a hibiscus (my first) yesterday at Home Depot. It was in the houseplant section, so I'm assuming its a tropical (?) Rosa-senensis? Bear with me - I grow many tropicals, including orchids but know very little about Hibiscus. Of course, the plant was not labeled with a name (I hate that - happens so much with orchids!). Its in a 6" pot, and the plant is 11" high and about the same width. Looks as if it has a few buds starting, but not sure. It has dark green, shiny foliage. The largest of the leaves are 3" wide and 3" long. I wouldn't call them heart shaped quite, but not quite ovate either. Kind of in between the two. Can I keep it as a houseplant, and give it as much sun as possible? Do they like to be misted daily? How long do blooms appear after the buds? Thank you in advance for helping a newbie!


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Hi Randi. It sounds like you do have an H. rosa-sinensis. You can keep it outside since you live in a warm climate. But I think it will do OK inside if you give it as much sun as possible. They like a well drained soil that is rich in nutrients. Allow to get almost dry before watering. They also don't like to sit in water...evenly moist is good. I don't think misting is necessary. Good luck!

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Randi, Gardenia gave good advice..I'd like to add, buds open a few days after you see them. The sad thing about hibs is flowers only last one to two days, but the good thing is unlike many flowering plants, Hibs bloom throughout the yr if given good light. Since you're in a warm climate you should see lots of flowers on your new plant..Toni

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