Need Indian / Japanese mint

kris2001(6a - s.e.PA)May 3, 2009


I am looking for Indian (asian indian ) mint and Japanese mint.

Where can I get seeds/plants for one of them?


Kris ...sePA

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It helps to have botanical names. There are hundreds of species of mint.

I suspect you are after Asian Mint (Polygonum odoratum), which isn't actually a mint at all. Also called Vietnamese Mint or Hot Mint.

And Japanese Menthol Mint (Mentha arvensis piperascens) which has an almost overwhelmingly-strong perfume. Like pennyroyal, this one is best avoided altogether (including the smell) by pregnant women. But it will sure 'clear the passages' when you have a cold!

Hopefully with those botanical names, your search will become easier.

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)


Here is a link that might be useful: Japanese mint

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kris2001(6a - s.e.PA)

Hi Daisy,

I found that it should be one of these:


In India its called "pudina". Is there a way I can get this from here (US) or seed or plant?


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Is it sold at Asian super markets?
If yes , then buy a bunch, root tehm, then plant them.
If it is a real mint , it sould increase fast.

I Have done this with a mint bought from Korean Market.

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kris2001(6a - s.e.PA)

Hmmm...asian markets...good idea...I have a rooting hormone powder from H.depot....

How to grow mint cuttings? Pls advice !!

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Pick the most healthy and fresh mint pack
and from that pack also sort out very healthy one.
Pinch off most of big lower leaves. so when you put them
in water no leaves are immersed.
after pinching most leaves, with a sharp knife cut about 1/8 of an unch from the ends. put them in water.....
If outdoor tems are not warm, keep them in your kitcen, near sink...

After your cuttings grow small roots, plant them in starter
pot, six pack, etc. keep them in shake with lots of indirect light.

Once they grow bigger roots , plant them permanently in the garden or in a big pot. To my experience, mints do well with little sun and like water. Too much sun, too little water, they will get tough and go to seed.

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andy_sa(South Australia)

Pudina is just the Hindi etc name for mint. Not sure of the botanical name for the variety most commonly grown in India, but it's sometimes listed as M. spicata (spearmint). It actually looks like a cross between spearmint and applemint: lightish green,long leaves with round ends, soft leaves, not hairy and with a milder flavour. Yes,this could be any number of mints, right?! Anyway, a Vietnamese/Indonesian/Malay/Thai shop or market is your best bet.

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