anyone make their own moccasins?

daughternatureSeptember 24, 2002

Actually I'm hoping "jwj" will see this question and provide some insight. She mentioned on another thread that she makes moccasins. "jwj" or anyone else, I would love to hear some more info on this. Is it difficult to tan a hide? Any books or sources you would suggest on this subject?

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Jwj__(Rocky MT 5)

hey there,, have a couple of minutes to post,,Moccasins themselves are pretty easy to make,,especially if your using an Na pattern versus trying to do the trapper types that lace up,,the beadwork is probably the most challenging if people want it ,, thats only because so many have never done it,,here are a few websites to show basics,,,Native web and nativetech,, has alot of info,,I gennerally make mostly mocs from the tribes here where I live,, but these have some basics,,

hide tanning, well we usually brain tan, it is not difficult but is alot of work and a bit tough on the wrists and arms,,and well some folks think it smells ,, but the leather you get from it is softer then any thing commercially tanned,,
off the top of my head books,, I would have to check out my shelf,,, LOl, but umm I usually do not use them for this info,, much since I learned as a child,,however here are a few websites to get ya started ,,I can write in directions and explain more when I have a bit more time,,
this last one uses chemicals for those who are not into brains,, and also has other animals besides deer,

maybe this can give you some reading,, as to the books the buckskinner series has alot of information from hide tanning to making all types of clothing articles, as well

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jwj - will you adobt me? ( smile ) You seem to have so much knowledge on the "old ways" of living which is very interesting to me. Thanks for sharing.

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Jwj__(Rocky MT 5)

LOL,, sure come on up we can sit around and I will teach ya how to bead ,, before I put ya to work out there working hides,,hmmm,, wink wink,,I need a daughter,,

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I wanna come too ! I adore the Native arts. My poor ole moccasins are about 20 years old now. You know how hard it is to find a nice PLAIN pair of these ? Okay , I do like my lace up boots too,but they still aren't fancy. I will help you do your beadwork.PLEASE !! ??

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Jwj__(Rocky MT 5)

Well cricket, yes,, I know I get people who like limited or no beadwork all the time,, LOL,, we have lots of room,,,
20 year old mocs,,hmmm we have a couple pairs of those around,, LOL,, most have the hole where the toe has came through, or I have reoled them before the tops wore out,,LOl

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