potato storage issues

westmontcoMay 6, 2011

Last year we experimented with a number of potatoes - blue, white, red and yellow. Blue were a novelty and didn't produce enough to justify doing again. The rest produced well, but storage is an issue: when we stored them in the basement they all sprouted over time. The basement apparently isn't cool enough, plus we stored them in trays and I wonder if the turning on the light to get canned goods sped up the sprouting process.

So, should we cube and can some of them to have on hand for potato salad & home fries? If so, which are better for that? And if I store the remaining ones in the coolest part of the basement again should they have blankets or something over them for the light, or just rub the eyes off periodically or what? I know they shouldn't be closed up tight. I hate tossing stuff I spent time growing!

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jonas302(central mn 4)

Canned potatoes turned out great for me use some pickle crisp in them to keep them nice and firm

You should defiantly have a blanket or something to keep the light off them to keep the potatoes from turning green
if you have a cold corner on the north wall you could insulate in to make a cold room

I had the same with blue ones very little produced

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