where can i buy a thousand acres or less at the cheapest pric

farmfreedomSeptember 11, 2006

Where can I buy A THOUSAND ACRES or less at the cheapest price per acre in the U.S.A?


I will consider: deserts , buttes, jungles ,lava flow areas , forests , grasslands, rocky barren lands remote lands. what is available ?

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Pooh Bear

Rocky and barren to be sure. And remote.
But it can be had for as low as $20/acre.

Pooh Bear

Here is a link that might be useful: Yes this is for real.

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This ios a joke ad it is literally , for land on the MOON!
I am talking about buying land from people who REALLY own it and are willing to sell it.

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The cheapest land I've found in the US... actually on ebay was in South Dakota and New Mexico. It was a while ago but they were selling a section (1mi x 1mi)for about $10k I don't know how viable that is for farming though. Very remote, far away from anything, I'm sure.

If you're in to mood, you can also try squatting. There are places, particularly in the northern part of Canada where unowned, unregulated land is there, ready for you to stake your claim.

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ONE MILE BY ONE MILE IS one square mile or 640 acres . I always thought a section was 1/2 mile X 1/2 mile which is 1/4 of a square mile or 160 acres . That would be a good deal though if I can still get it ! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR A SERIOUS REPLY !

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gran2(z5 INDIANA)

DH saw an ad last week in Farm Week newspaper (also available on internet, I understand) for 7,000+ acres including house and outbuildings for $775/acre in Kansas. Daughter lives in NW Missouri and land there is about same price. VERY tillable, VERY fertile. Like chocolate cake. Farm land in Indiana (if you can snitch it from the developers, which is doubtful) is over $3,000 per acre. Developers are paying $20,000+/acre. Good luck.

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You have been very active on this site. You are asking the wrong question. You need to use the internet to find listings that meet your criteria. The "cheapest" land may not be "cheap" once you factor in what you need to do to make it work for you. I have seen some VERY cheap land, and upon further inspection found deed restrictions (some properties are deeded to prevent EVER building on them), access issues (lack of road frontage, so called land-locked), water rights reastrictions, etc. Properties such as these are literally worthless, so if someone can get $10 per acre, then they have made a steal.

Be careful what you ask for, you just may get it.

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Yes when something is to good to be true there is a reason for it . I will checkout restrictions before I buy ;I know to assume nothing. But PRICE is a good starting place.

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Nope. A section (In most states) is 640 ac. Parcels are often divided up into halves and quarters.

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I would like more information on this squatting in Canada.

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You speak my language, I am just a few years behind you is all. So where did you settle?

Has anyone else found land that is reasonable that has welcomed homesteaders? We are looking for a state that has very relaxed laws when it comes to building your own home. We are hoping to be completely off the grid so "services" close by does not matter and we would be interested in anything but extreme desert areas.

Thanks in advance!

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