Texas Star Hibiscus in zone 5

ronald(Z5 MI)October 11, 2005

I have several Texas Star Hibiscus and all are up and doing well. In researching I found most data indicates these hardy to zone 6. One source said they were hardy to -15 degrees F. Any zone 5ers sow these and have them survive zone 5 winters?

If so did you mulch them heavy?



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THere are some growing in front of my apartments with average mulch. They have come back for the last 3 years.

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GardenKiwi(Z5 Michigan)

I have been tempted to get Texas Star - I just started growing hibiscus this year and am happy so far. I also am in Michigan - Kalamazoo area - I am thinking if the Texas Star was grown on the south side of the house and well mulched it might make it thru the winter. Worth a try anyhow don't you think?

I just rec'd some seeds for an enormous un-named white hibiscus that is growing in Ontario - same zone as us - hope to seed those out and have them bloom next summer. Do you have Luna Blush? Mine didn't get very big this summer but perhaps next year .... - same with the Luna Red. A friend gave me seeds for a red that is big and like Texas Star - she grows down in Dowagiac - we will have to keep an open mind on growing these in zone 5!
What kind are you growing now and how long have you been growing them? I will check with the people in a Michigan group that I am in and see who else has TS up here.

Cheers - Kiwi

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