Red leaf hibiscus

bluehaven_gweb(8)October 30, 2013

I saw some hibiscus plants which have red leaves in the nursery. I love the color of these plants. Want to plant quite a few in my yard to add color. I live in houston, are these hardy enough to survive the winters. Please advice.

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Is this hibiscus acetosella? If so, I think you will be ok with winters.

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Here is the picture. Now sure if it is hibiscus acetosella. It says on the pot, hibiscus super red. Please let me know if this would be hardy for houston winters.

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Mahogany Splendor Hibiscus does fine here in the Houston area. I was given a gift of this plant last fall. Since then I have given away many cuttings which by the way start quite easily. But first they may lose their leaves or even wilt and look like they have died. I put 4 cuttings into my soil during our July weather here. I kept them well watered but they stayed wilted like they were dead until about one month later. I have also just stuck 5 more into my soil about 3 weeks ago and they are just starting to look healthy. I received them in the mail from Florida from a very nice member of gardenweb. They seem to take quite a while establishing their roots but if left alone they will take care of themselves. Those cuttings were about the size of a drinking straw but now the 2 cuttings I kept are larger than my thumb and they are both reach to above the bottom of my roof. They only seem to bloom in our cool weather so I do not expect to see blooms until around Christmas or maybe later. They bloomed last winter when our temps were in the 40's at night. Their leaves look more like Japanese red maples For me I have found to keep them about the size I like I have had to find homes for them more and more.

Hope this is of some help

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That was a photo of the blooms that open in the morning and close at noon. This is a better photo of the leaves. The more sun they get the brighter the Mahogany color and the less the sun the more green you will see.

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This appears to be a variety of Hibiscus Tiliaceus. It is a mallow variety that does well in wet climates and has variegated leaf colors.
As long as you do not have excessive temps near freezing, you should be ok.

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