Identify that Hibiscus - Blue River II?

BuckeyeCBOctober 14, 2011

My neighbor has a hibiscus that i am drooling over. I am not master gardener, but this is how i would describe it...

White blooms (stamen/ middle does not have color...may have been yellow)

Nice compact/ mounding shape

At the biggest perhaps 3 feet tall and wide

blooms profusely

has the oooh and ahhh factor

I thought it was the Blue River II until i read that it was "rangy" and "leggy". Definitely not how i would describe this beauty. Perhaps if you own a Blue River II, you can tell me about its shape. In reality i don't need this exact variety. I am seeking a variety that has white blooms, a round shape, and preferably 4 feet or smaller...not asking for much.

And if i get courageous i may ask the new neighbor for a cutting to try to propagate...but she just transplanted it so i am crossing my fingers it makes it through the winter.

Thanks for any input you may have!

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

You just don't give us much to work with. Is it hardy or tropical? A picture w/close-up of flower would be nice. I am familiar with Rose of Sharon but not the tropical's. Here in Pennsylvania I don't have the facilities to winter it over. Best of luck!

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Sorry for the short-comings of my post...I just received the advice to post to this forum the other day. And my urgency was provoked by seeing that the new neighbors had gutted their front landscaping and transplanted the hardy perennial to the side-yard (i fear it may not make it through this winter and i will never know what it was). I have been admiring it for a couple of years (and saved it when the new neighbors almost discarded it in the Spring for dead). Sadly, i did not take any pictures when it was in its prime this summer, but i did take some today.

It is a hardy perennial. The pictures probably won't be of much help since it is going into dormancy. Although the picture makes it appear that the flower has a pink edge i think that is just the bloom looking pitiful due to the cold weather...normally, it is a huge pure white flower with no color in the middle other than the yellow stamen. It doesn't look to me more than about 2 1/2 to 3 feet tall and has a nice rounded shrubby shape and flowers profusely. Initially i thought it was a Blue River II, until I read that the Blue River II was leggy and rangy and did not flower that profusely. I am hoping that somebody who owns a Blue River II can give me some feedback on their plant.

Thanks for your response.


PS. I have made a feeble attempt to include pictures. I have no idea whether i successfully linked the photobucket account i just created.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mystery Hibiscus

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Hard to tell because it really looks be be dying back for the winter and the photos are small and hard to make out. If you like it though get a cutting. It could be or another hybrid. I've never had their seeds breed true and they hybridize easily. I had some come up that look similar from seeds off a Lord Baltimore...go figure.

It might be a hibiscus moscheutos "Carafe Chablis'". I am told these are a shorter variety.

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This is very old but blue river 2 is very bushy here in zone 6. Its about 6/7 feet tall. I have seeds if you would like some.

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