Transplanting Perennial Now?

pricklypearsatx(z8)October 1, 2007

I've got a Flare hibiscus in the ground and I've found a better location for it.

I'm wondering. Is it too late in the season?

I planted a Flare and Lord Baltimore last fall, (both are hardy to zone 5) when they were dormant.

Because I live in San Antonio, where it's very hot, almost every hardy plant is planted when it is dormant. I never had a problem with any hardy plant returning, except for those.

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hitexplanter(8 a)

It could be done but you do increase the risk of loss because of the nature of a decidiuous plant is to store energy in the root system as it goes toward dormancy. You may be better off to wait for early spring. In S.A. think late Feb- first half of March. That way the smaller rootball will have more energy stored and it will begin growing in late March or April depending on how warm it gets how soon.
Hope this makes sense and is of some help. If not repost on Tx forum as I monitor that more than this one because it is more active.
I like this forum mind you but it is not as active as I wish it was as I love all forms of hibiscus and love to learn and share with others on this topic.
Good Luck and as always...
Happy Growing David

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Thanks. The info is very helpful. I'll remember Feb/Mar.

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I have two hardy hibiscus plants (dinner-plate blossoms)which are still blooming (these are in-ground plants, not in containers). I need to move them because they are now too huge for the garden spot they are in. A neighbor said I could transplant them after they die back this fall, which should be within a month (it's been unusually warm here this October). However, from what I've been reading in this forum, maybe I should wait till spring before I move them, because our first frosts usually start before the end of November. Any tips from others would be appreciated.

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ggpeg, if you disturb the roots now you may lose the plant if you have a hard freeze this winter. I'm in zone 7b and we sometimes get freezes where the ground freezes 3-6 inches for a short period. Like the message above, I'd wait until spring when the threat of a hard freeze has passed. If you must transplant now, water in the roots well and mulch heavily.

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Thanks for the info tsmith; I will play it safe and transplant next spring (although I was looking forward to the space I'd gain for some new bulbs - oh well).

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