Hibiscus Cuttings- What are easy, hard?

RetiredFlorida(9)October 11, 2012

So I'm crazy about hibiscus, tropical and hardy but really don't understand all the specific differences because hybrids tend to confuse the whole mess.

Regardless of that, the point of this post was to ask what have you duplicated through cuttings, what are "easy", what are "hard" and what should I "forget about it"? I guess we would also include whether they were hardwood or softwood.

While I'm at it, I suppose we could add the same for growing from seed, easy, hard. I do realize many hybrids can only be propagated by cuttings or grafting.



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Your right about the hybrids, if you would like the flowers to stay the same, you would need a cutting from the plant.

Now, I have collected A BUNCH of seeds from my tropical hibiscus, but i have never tried a cutting, I have heard from more than one person that you need a hardwood cutting from a tropical, as they are more hard and woody, for a higher success rate.
The seeds will take a while to get going, I currently have empty waterbottles that I cut in half, but left a little bit, to act as a clear container to start them in, and raise the humidity----this is for tropical. Hardy hibiscus I have never tried, but I do own one ( strawberry crush)

Hope this helped I cant wait to here your results!

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Delray, so far during this awful heat here in Florida I've managed to kill quite a bit. Starting to understand the process a little more each day.

First problem was too much humidity causing mold/rot. Just read today how far to put the cuttings into soil. Have mostly hardwood cuttings. I'm also trying water rooting. Plan to try ground layering soon. I can tell you I will be jumping for joy with my first hibiscus clone! I think my first is just a couple weeks away, pink, looks like its taking so far at 4 weeks.

Had some varigated leafed hibiscus fail after 2 weeks. Great thing is I have some great GW friends who can give me more.


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I am trying my hand now at rooting a few cuttings from my hibiscus and one from a house down the block...I do have a suspiscious growing stick in my hibiscus pot outside that lookslike it may have been a broken branch that i plunked in the dirt...not quite sure...it has leaves and its at an odd angle from the rest of the plant. just not sure if it isn't a gorwth from the roots...

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