Triple Pink Confederate Rose

michellesg(z8bTX)October 17, 2007

This past April I received a triple Confederate Rose at our local plant swap (thank you Patty!). I had never seen one so I did not know what a gem I had. It bloomed today and I am so amazed, it's beautiful!!

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Hi, it looks like my double pink confederate rose,and they are so pretty.I also have a double white,that someone gave me,last year,and then later in the day,turns light pink,so pretty.No seeds so far,the blooms,have fallen off,but do have other buds.The double confederate rose are so pretty.If you want more seeds, I have plenty,also single white.


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In Alabama we call it a double but they are beautiful, aren't they. Don't worry with collecting seeds. These things root way too easily. Cut off mature limbs and cut them into 12 -16 inch pieces. Stick them into a pot of moist soil and put them in a warm place with light. Keep moist and warm. Pretty soon you will have new leaves and by spring you will have very, very tender roots. Turn the pot on its side and squirt water into the pot to wash away the dirt. Transplant, water, fertilize and stand back. There are also single white and single deep pink varieties which bloom all summer. I have the double white-to-pink, double pink and single dark pink.

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michell, don't ya just love this flower. i've had mine 3 yrs. now,love it more each yr.where do you live, your dirt looks so dark & rich.enjoy ,molly

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I do love it, almost more than my roses (shh, don't tell anyone on the rose forums). I'm in San Antonio hill country where all the dirt is 1" of clay leading to solid rock. What you're looking at is wet mulch, very deceiving!

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Margaret, I'm in McComb, Mississippi, and I would love to have some seeds. This is my first year to grow a hibiscus, and I'm ignorant. Can I save my dinner plate size hibiscus by putting in the back of my open air garage and do I cut it back?


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