Does it count if.....

trudyjean82(z8SWGA)September 13, 2002

If u don't have a garden, but still do the canning, and putting up does that count as homesteading? T

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Yes, trudyjean, if you want to be considered a homesteader then you are a homesteader. I consider myself one and I'm just starting out, I don't even have my land cleared yet. kathyjo

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i just signed on to this new forum today and already responded to one question. I have one now. Are there any men that use it. I seem to be in the minority here. Not that i can't learn from a woman as well as i man. I was just curious. Ladies have a nice day. Great hearing you exchange ideas.

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Jwj__(Rocky MT 5)

I am sure that as others find the forum you will find other gents in residence,, But that said let me be the first to say welcome,,, I know that if my husband should bounce in with input it will be much differnt then my own since we do alot of differnt jobs around our kingdom,,he is my chainsaw welding rototiller guy,, ok ok so I also force the man and his poor children to fish and hunt on a few occasions pick berries,,as well..

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Hey robocop, got something against lady homesteaders! I have been reading threads but have not ventured in, noticed jwj was around. Watch out for jwj, she is trouble! Watch what you say!

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Marie_TX(z8 N Houston)

Welcome to the forum, Robo. I think if you read "Cold Mountain" by Charles Frazier you see a woman homesteader in full action. If she were alive today, she no doubt would not have time to visit online forums, but she would have a lot to contribute if she did. By the way, I understand they're making a movie of that book and Nicole Kidman is playing the part. What a riot!! -- Marie

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thefarmMe(Z6 ME)

Man is here.

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westbrook(z9 SoCa)


I know many people that can't homestead on a farm for one reason or another but can, shop frugally, and try to grow fruits and vegetables from the balcony of their apartments...I think they are doing a fine job homesteading with what they have!

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I'm glad someone started this subject. I too was wondering if I could consider myself a "homesteader". The family and I just had a cedar house built on two acres of forested land. Since moving in we have made friends with a retired neighbor who grows vegetables and fruit and has kept us well supplied. I actually made tomato juice for the first time this year (not enough to can since it was the first time and I was a little scared it wouldn't turn out) made homemade chilli out of it and hubby loved it! Canning apples this week if I get over this cold I have.

Also drug out my old bread machine and have been baking bread nearly every day ( I know it's the cheaters way but I wouldn't have time otherwise). We also bartered for a mama bear woodstove and have been using it ever since it turned cold. Our woodpile looks like the Great Wall of China so the electric bill should be down this winter! Hubby is always lovingly teasing me about being a homesteader, now I can tell him I am a homesteader!

Thanks for this post!


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FarmerDave(Z6 KY USA)

Homesteading is a state of mind!

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I wholeheartedly agree, FarmerDave! The "original" homesteaders came from one way of life back East and found themselves smack in the middle of a much different place out West. Oh, sure, some (maybe most?) already knew how to milk a cow, make cheese, hunt, grow a garden, etc., but it HAD to be different from what they were used to. Different climate to learn to deal with, not so many close neighbors they could borrow something from and surely not a neighborhood store they could just pop into to pick up a bolt for the plow. They were alone and HAD to learn to do ~ or die. All these things made for a heckuva transition and learning time, I'm sure.

Fast forward a hundred years. Now, people in suburbia long for a little simpler life, much like the original homesteaders did when they first found out there was another life out there. Nowadays, they may or may not uproot the family and head to the country, but they all do make a "move" in their minds. And they start learning... Sounds like a homesteader to me.

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Hello, robocop. I, too am a retired police officer (25 years). I retired in '01. Not New York, though, just a small town in Oklahoma. But it was exciting, none the less. But I'm glad it's over. I now live on 5 acres in the country and can't find time (believe it or not) to do everything that needs to be done around here. I garden, fish, hunt occasionally, & have recently been learning about plant propagation. My wife cans the stuff from the garden. We've raised pigs, chickens, rabbits, etc. This spring I hope to get three or four calves and butcher one in the fall.

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