New Daylillies

tenchainsJuly 18, 2014

From a neighbor I got the daylillies I dug them all up and planted them behind our garage. They are not doing bad but they are not taking shape. These are the orange variety taller dayllies not stelladoros. I did try pililng dirt around the bases to make the have support and stand better. They are all splits from larger plants. I wonderd is there anything else I can do to make them look more normal or donInwant for them to come back next year?

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They will look more normal next year. And, yes, you do want them to come back. :-) A bank of orange daylilies is one of the classic joys of summer, and pretty soon you will have one of your very own.

In the meantime, you might consider cutting the foliage back by half, both to neaten things up and to help the transplants settle in. I'm no botanist, so I can't explain why cutting them back a bit helps, but it does.

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Oh, those will come back.. and fill in..

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