Tired of my stella d'oros

sherrygirl zone5July 11, 2014

I have over 100 daylilies in my gardens, many are divisions from plants i have. I must have 20 stellas and am frankly thinking about taking about half of them out. I guess i have a yearning for the not so common. Any suggestions for good performers to replace them with? Am i the only one thinking this?

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I'm guessing many of us started out with Stellas, and I gave away my last one a few years ago. So yes, I understand.

Depending on the colors you like and the price you're willing to spend, I'd be happy to give you a list of daylilies that do well in our zone. There are quite a few sellers that have a good selection for as little as $5 per double division and will include bonus plants with your order.

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sherrygirl zone5

Thanks maximus7116. What varieties have you grown that would replace them size wise?

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I would. Though I still have one plant. Mainly because it starts early. But this year it was behind some bigger flowers.
I also had a row of 5 of the same daylilies and it had a certain appeal being all the same (same height and color of course) but when you are out of room it's a 'luxury' to have 4 potential places taken by the same cultivar ;)

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There aren't many daylilies that bloom as long as Stellas do, so you want to make sure you're ok with a more limited bloom season. If you're looking for daylilies the same height, I think you want shorter daylilies (18-24"), which will limit available daylilies.

What colors do you prefer?


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sherrygirl zone5

Just looking for something other than yellow, have alot of that. Ive purchased from Oakes and Smokeys. Any other suggestions?

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You might want to look at Early Bird Daylilies and Miss Becky's Lily Farm, both of which have some very inexpensive daylilies. The price list will give you the height of the daylilies if you want to keep your new daylilies at the same height as your Stellas. You can also check out the Lily Auction, if you haven't already looked there. There's some good deals to be found there, too.

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sherrygirl zone5

Thanks maximus, i will check those sights out. Rain here again this morning, went out to do some digging and moving. Toooo humid, always tomorrow.

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If your looking for a good performing purple with low height. I would highly recommend Purple Pawprint. It's a dormant with very nice color and form. It has done very well here in our zone 6 garden, and we get lots of snow and cold temps here.


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Stella d'Oro was an instant hit when it first came on the market in the 70's. Much overdone now perhaps, but it's one of the first, if not the first, of the daylilies to bloom here. They do so well, plants get to be the size of bushel baskets with countless scapes; need dividing just about every two years. I've consigned a lot of divisions to the compost, but I can't give up on them entirely.

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sherrygirl zone5

I made a few decisions yesterday and am removing some of the stellas. I know you are supposed to divide when the plants get big but I have one that has a one foot wide clump and it blooms like crazy. I hate to disturb it if it is a happy camper. I have followed all suggestions I've gotten and am greatful for all of them. Thanks a bunch, everybody!!!

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I understand how you feel. I had some lovely Stella's and now my sister-in-law has them. When I started collecting daylilies more seriously, I had to make room and the more common Stella needed a new home. I will also admit that I let Stella go because I had trouble keeping up with the deadheading. Sounds a little harsh...however I made someone else happy.

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Sounds great! I don't divide my clumps if they're doing well, either. Post pics when you finish -- we'd love to see what you've done.


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That is a very natural development in this addiction. I got rid of my Stellas long ago. My zone is so different, you need to be guided by those in your zone, so no comments on replacements, but I daresay you will be pleased with Chris' suggestions.


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sherrygirl zone5

Will post pictures with my new decisions when they are picture worthy, could be next year. Just went out and took some pictures of what i have now. Think i'll start a new post with that. Thanks again everybody!,,

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