growing lavender from cuttings

pvelMay 18, 2011

Has anyone had success propagating lavender from cuttings? My first attempt doesn't seem to be working. I used soft green cuttings. I think maybe I should have used woody cuttings. I use commercial rooting powder and Miracle Gro potting mix.


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zzackey(8b GA)

I've never tried to root it. I wouldn't recommend any potting soil with fertilizer in it for anything! It killed my nice Jade plant. I would use seed starter mix or something really light.Keep the foliage wet with daily watering from a hose or watering can. That seems to be the most important thing to do! The time of year makes a big difference. Ask your local Agricultural agent or Google it, look for an edas site.

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If you use heel cuttings from second-year growth, you'll get better results. Don't use fertiliser on cuttings or very young seedlings. Just dip the cut end into some pure honey, then dibble a hole into the potting mix with your finger or a pencil, insert the cutting, tamp soil around it gently with the finger-tips, water in and sit back and wait.

If you're concerned about over-watering, make a little tent by bending some coat-hanger wire. Insert the ends into the pot (right at the perimeter), then cover the whole thing (pot and all) with some clear plastic. This will create a mini-climate of humidity and heat which will give the cutting a good head start. Once the cutting has grown and is touching the plastic, the cloche can be removed. Give it a week or two to adjust, then plant where you want it.

Use the same technique for other woody shrubs like rosemary, too.

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thanks. i have had good success with rosemary cuttings. the lavender were green rather than woody, next time i will look for more woody cuttings from an older plant.

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Another old thread and another post by daisy...she mentions dipping the cutting in honey before planting it. Why honey?? I would love to use honey in place of chemical rooting agents. A particular type of honey? Interesting!

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

I would assume Daisy means raw, unpasteurized honey, but Daisy will have to comment on that.


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