Strawberry plants.

borderokie(7)June 8, 2013

Have decided I want some strawberry plants. I know it is almost too late but I'm gonna try anyway I think. My favorite saying about strawberries is "Need some grass plant some strawberries. It will come running. So I know I'm crazy. I know there are 3 types. Just have no idea of any names to look for as far as taste or what the difference in the berry is between everbearing or June. Anyone have a favorite strawberry plant they recommend. I know the weather will affect the taste but want one to at least start out claiming to be sweet.

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sorry got this on the wrong forum!!

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Whether on the wrong forum or not, I'll give my opinion. I personally like the Ozark Beauty, they are an old variety and a everbearing type. I only picked them 1 time per year. They runner well here in Indiana.

I always have planted my strawberry plants in July, and pick the following year. I don't worry about blooming or picking off the fruit. Just plant and lightly cover for winter.

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I like the Ozark Beauty, too. In fact, I'm getting ready to get some more to add to the batch I already have.

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Thanks guys I appreciate it

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