Hibiscus cannabinus question

msbattOctober 5, 2012

I have one that's a dark rose-red, but most of the pics Google turns up are white or pale yellow. Is mine perhaps a different species?

Also, different sites give conflicting info---some say it's an annual, some say a perennial. Will mine survive a winter in Zone 7B?

I got this one at my local plant swap this spring, from a lady who grew it from seed. Do I need to save seed, and start over in the spring, or can I take cuttings this fall. And if I can take cuttings, what's the best way to root them?

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Are you sure you have the plant name correct? I'm seeing something rather tall like bamboo when I do a search on that name. The dark rose red leafed plants do have a similar color flower that is normal.


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No, I'm not---I got the plant from someone who grew it from seed she got in trade. It's also called October Rose hibiscus, but when I Google that I get H. radiatus, and a lot of the websites from THAT seem to confuse the two.

My plants doesn't have dark red LEAVES, just flowers---and leaves that look like marijuana. (*grin*)

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