hardy hibiscus from seed

jackied164(z6 MA)October 7, 2006

I have a white hardy hibiscus that flowered beautifuly this August. Despite a large number of flowers I only got one seedpod. Does anyone know if the seeds will be worth saving?

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gardengrove_ac(z6 MD)

You can always try, what harm could come if they don't grow?...if the seed are brown and feel firm then at least some of them should be viable...I'd save them until around next Feb or March and start them inside. HH seeds benifit from soaking in warm water overnight to wake them up. If the plants are happy you'll have blooms the first season, but definitely by the second year.

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jackied164(z6 MA)

Thanks for the input. I would never think about buying seeds from a plant like this but harvesting them and seeing what I get sounds fun. The seeds are brown and firm. The seed pod had matured and split open..

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Jackie, I never thought I'd buy hardy hib seeds either, but after several attempts at finding a hardy hib and failing, I decided to order from Parks SEeds in 1989. I can't recall the number of seeds they sent, but only one germinated..enough for 1 plant..I started the seeds in spring, set in a south window after it germinated. I really didn't think it'd do much, but after planting in the ground it really took off..To this day, that HIb emerges from the earth in mid summer..It has the largest, 12-14" diameter red flowers. I can't recall if it's a Disco Belle or Southern Belle, but one of the two.
So, if people want another hib, go for it..what have you got to lose? You'd be surprised..Toni

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