Painting Plastic

BlueMntn(z8 SC)September 29, 2002

I have some apparatus outside that is encased in white plastic. What is the fastest and easiest way to paint this? It is only about 3 square feet, so I don't want to go to a lot of expense. I would like to get it to the color of pine tree bark. Thanks

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Clean really well with a degreaser, TSP is really cheap and works, prime with a good acrylic exterior primer and top coat with latex paint. Paint will eventually peel, keep that in mind, and may pose a bigger mess than just leaving it alone. But overall, most plastics accept latex products very well.


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BlueMntn(z8 SC)

Found a new product called 'Fusion' for painting plastic. Works great!!

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composts(Z6 SW-Ohio)

How about a can of spray paint. $0.89 at an odd lots. $2.00 at a hardware.

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