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RetiredFlorida(9)October 6, 2012

Hi All,

I'd love to hear from any of you that have bought locally or online from a hybridizer and/or nursery. I live in the Tampa Bay area and have searched extensive online. I have found some people(in Florida) listed who have some cool looking plants but they don't answer their phone or emails?? Others seemed to be "all sold out" on the few good looking plants they have.

I have been on the IHS website and seen their recommendations. I even called one of their members.


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i just ordered plants from Fancy hibiscus based in florida. Had them shipped over to me in san fran... they came well packaged. The plants need a little TLC - but I realized they might when I spoke to the grower on the phone - he mentioned that they were small and was a bit hesitant. I ordered them anyway as the hybrids I wanted didn't seem to be available in very many locations. You can only order from him over the phone, but he was very helpful and responsive to emails.

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Thank you. I have spent hours looking at his plants online. Which "ones" did you choose? My MIL and FIL have already determined "we" would have to take out a loan to get all the plants we desire, haha.

He is the one place I'd drive to visit, but alas it is 6 hours away. May have to make it a weekend trip. According to his webiste, he does allow people to visit and shares their photographs with their purchase.

Good to know, will have to drop him an email.

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I wish I lived in FL, wife wont let me transfer (yet). Here are some tips I use when purchasing plants in Kansas.
1. Local nurseries are best for hardy varieties. RoS from 'proven winners' or 'monrovia' will be as ordered. With the swamp mallow vareties, I look for features that prove the plant versus what they 'say it is'. Look for the flowers, but when in doubt, know the plant. I.E. 'Lord Baltimore' and 'Royal Gems' have identical growth and leaf design. The difference is one has red veins in the leaf.
2. For tropical hibrids, local nurseries may sell inferior plants, and some growers/hybridizers may do the same. They are in a business to make money and although the flower looks great on 'paper', your heart drops when it dies or has 'issues'.
3. Personally, I only order from HVH or Dupont for tropicals. Detailed information is presented about the plant, plus I trust the growers. The product has that 'personal' care touch that can not be measured. Send me an email if you want more detailed info.
Hope this helps,

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Since this is my first season growing Ed, I will have to wait and see how my plants do. Some issues may be my fault and not the plants, just learning how to properly care for them at the moment.

I bought "a triple" plant from a local grower, was supposed to be 3 plants, woven together, so it would bloom 3 different flowers. Gave the plant as a gift only to find out it is all yellow! Someone also kindly pointed out it was 4 plants woven together. Only the yellow flower was blooming when I bought it but was assured there were other colors. They are supposed to be getting me a true tricolor.....we'll see.

Dupont, seems to have nice flowers but they're always sold out of the nice ones. Will check out HVH again.

Thanks Ed.

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I bought a hot ticket and a black dragon. they are grafted plants and in 4" pots, still very small. I suspect that with winter coming on I won't see blooms until spring - I could be wrong as they will be indoors this winter. We will see. I have also been watching the HVH site. They have a forum that the customers post picutres of their plants and the owner there is regularly on the site and interacting with everyone. I have emailed to try and become a part of the forum, but haven't gotten response yet - I was really hoping to get on and ask some questions as well. I intend to order a plant or two from there as well - considering they are on the same coast and would be a much closer supplier. Ihave also been buying Monrovia plants from my local nurseries. Those are much bigger plants already in bloom - cost more but i think worth it to be able to pick out strong bush with branching that you like.

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Oh yeah I remember seeing the black dragon. Nice. I like the Electric Blue and Georgia's Pearl. Tried to find Hot Ticket but couldn't find it, will look again.

Good luck with the forum. Always good to find those who are growing the same in the same zone. Having a bad time with thrips right now, having to spray every other day. Have to get it under control, few blooms when everyone elese is getting all kids of blooms now :-(


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For hybrids, I would go into a huuuggeee nursery-- Most of the time those types of places, will carry a very extensive array of plants and from my experience they will always have a couple hybrids or different types, plus i like to pick out my plants in person and see which ones seem healthier to me, and sometimes you cant always trust a website...

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