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valeriannightmaresMay 19, 2010

Last year I bought a plant called simply "pesto basil" from Ace Hardware. The plant died, and I haven't been able to find the same plant again. I've looked for pesto basil in the stores, but hey, turns out about half the basil out there likes to call itself pesto basil. oh, and plug "pesto basil" into google and see what good it does.

The plant I got had small, slightly variegated leaves, and a lovely pesto sauce smell. anyone have any idea what I'm looking for?


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Try Pistou basil rather than pesto basil. I also purchased a couple of plants last year at our annual herb society sale and it is one of the best for pesto and other dishes needing basil. I dug up one of mine and gave to a friend after he started raving how good it was. I had given him a herb bouquet. If you have a green house you can attempt to winter over. My friend returned the plant I gave him this spring to be planted out. I purchased my seeds either from Territorial Seeds or Nichols Garden both in Oregon. I looked before I posted and it is no longer listed for this year. Perhaps with the correct name you will be able to find a plant.

I have seen French recipes for a mixed herb topping called Pistou that is added to the top of soups and stews when served. This year I should have enough to try the mixture.

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