Leave it in the garden till you need it

Clare(z6 MO)September 17, 2002

What things do you just leave in the garden till you need it?

I almost always have mustard greens growing here or there so we can always have them fresh--until it freezes. They seem to germinate over a long period, but there are some summer weeks with no germination and thus a lull in greens. I like the late summer to fall greens best. My son cooked some tonight and they were delic'.

Our soil does not freeze deeply and most winters it thaws intermitently. Turnips keep okay in the ground here and we have no trouble digging them up. Potatos, too, keep, eh, more or less okay in the ground, though I don't grow the best spuds in the first place.

Are there any grains or legumes that you can keep in the garden until needed? I haven't come across any. Beans and peas all seem to shatter open; mice and what-have you will get any grain. I think there is probably a safety issue with grains stored in the open weather, too. (Ergot and such).

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Marie_TX(z8 N Houston)

I have been curious about Amaranth. It is touted as a plant that gives you greens you can cut a few leaves at a time, and then later you can take the grain serving by serving as needed. I did not have success growing it but this was a very wet summer for our area, and it does better in the more arid areas. Has anyone tried it? I know it is commercially grown in the Texas Panhandle.

-- Marie

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Marie_TX(z8 N Houston)

This is what we did with cantelopes this year. They did better when we put plastic foam meat trays under them to protect from critters and ground rot. I had one melon every few days. There are still some out there. -- Marie

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