How do I prune a huge Hibiscus? Any experts out there?!?!?!

socalgardengalOctober 24, 2013

I just moved here and there is a huge hibiscus that I want to cut back but I've never done it before. It's about 10 ft.X 10 ft.Should I just go for it or is there a better time to do it? I think it's a Luna, not sure. White with pink center. Also does it make seeds? I would love to have a few to trade. But I don't see any seed pods on it. Any other info would be great as well so I can care for it properly. I did notice that white flies and spiders love it too. What can I use to deter them? Soap and water? Thank you very much for the help. I appreciate it :) ~Christine

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TulsaRose, Tulsa OK(7a)

I'm no expert but hated to see your inquiry sit for a week with no responses. :-) Without seeing a closer image, I'm guessing that is a Hibiscus syriacus 'Red Heart' (Rose of Sharon). They can be pruned in late fall, early spring. There are some sterile cultivars that don't produce seeds. You can get lots of good "starts" from the softwood cuttings when you prune.

Here is a link that might be useful: pruning Hibiscus syriacus

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Thank you Tulsarose. I appreciate the helpful link and your info as well :)

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