What is your prize or favorite plant?

RetiredFlorida(9)October 22, 2012

To date, so far my favorite hibiscus "in my yard" is the Hula Girl. Everyday and most nights when I walk out my front door I see this huge, glowing, radiant beauty.

Since putting my little plant in the ground it has bloomed just about everyday, often with more than one bloom.

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"Sunny Wind". Its a Tradewinds hybrid that produces daily flowers. The beast is stuck in this tiny 6" pot and keeps producing. Had 3 blooms this morning with another 4 set to open in the next 12 hours. Guess I'll upgrade its home this winter.

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So far Hula Girl - but I am hoping like crazy I get to see a bloom from my The Path - but the weather has finally turned and my plants are about to go into their winter dormancy mode. its kinda neat to see. the plant simply stops growing everything - but last year the leaves stayed on and a couple of the flower buds stayed all winter. bloomed quite different than normal for the plant when it finally started growing again.

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Ed, Sunny Wind is extremely similar to the Hula Girl. I really had to look to see the differences in the blooms. Beautiful flower.

Will post pics later after I get back inside.


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