cheap land to build a cabin on and hunt

lukedSeptember 16, 2009


I am new to this site, but noticed some questions had been posted about where is best to aquire the cheapest land.

I am a college senior, and a few friends and i are very interested in buying some cheap land to build a cabin on. We would like it to be as self-sufficient as possible, so remoteness of the land is not a problem, but we dont have much money to get started because we are full time students. From my research i have found that the actual homestead act went out in its final form in the 70's, but is there anyplace that just naturally has rugged wooded remote land for cheap still? We were thinking Tennessee...

thanks for your help!

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The western states have some cheap land, but it's dry and not really good for hunting either. You say you are thinking TN, what state are you in now? Cheap land will be cheap for a reason, like Savannah TN has cheap land in the area, and a lot of it is flood-prone.

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