My Hibiscus is not doing well : (

teenytina78October 24, 2006

I just got my first Hibiscus and planted it inside. It flowered for about a month and then the leaves turned yellow and fell off. On about three to four of the branches the tips are slightly covered with spider like web. I don't see any bugs on it at all, shook it for white flies and did not find any. I sprayed Sevin on it twice. I watered the soil directly at first but it stayed moist all the time and these bugs were crawling in the soil so I started watering the bottom (I have a self watering pot). The bugs went away. The leaves are seemed to be "ripped" or have irregular sides that have smooth edges. I have a sun lamp on it for a few hours a day. Please help. Thank you!!

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Hi teenytina,

Sounds like red spider to me. Very difficult to control so you may as well forget it. Red spiders produce a web but they are so tiny, you will need a magnifying glass to see them. They love dry conditions so if you see this again, you must mist regularly but it may already be too late.

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Tina, did you toss the plant? Mites are pests, but they can be killed..If the tree isn't too large take to sink or shower and spray w/ this 3 times a wk. Also, buy a mister and spray daily..Add 2-4 drops of dish soap to water.
Since I don't use harsh chemicals I count on the dish soap which works fine. Toni

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