There's a bright golden haze on the meadow . . . .

Marie_TX(z8 N Houston)October 14, 2002

It is a beautiful morning here and I am wondering what the rest of you are seeing. Take a moment to enjoy the beauty of your homestead, and tell us about it. My front yard (to the east) right now is a cathedral of green and yellow. I am watching for wildlife, but only the song birds are up. I know from the songs, not by sight. The sun's rays are picture perfect coming through the tall pines, oaks, and maples. Have a beautiful day. --- Marie

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It is coming sunset here. The sun is really low on the horizon, and the shadows filtering through the near naked trees is really neat. In a few minutes the sky will blaze with brilliant reds, pinks and golds. On a clear night, the colors are always the same, just as intense and never, ever boring. People who do not live on the prairies cannot come close to imagining the brilliance, the intensity, the beauty of a prairie sunset. Same can be said for a prairie thunderstorm. There is none equal to them.

We are celebrating Thanksgiving in Canada today. Thanks Marie, for starting this thread, because it just reminds me how much more I have to be thankful for when there is such natural beauty all around us.

Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadian Homesteaders.


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Marie_TX(z8 N Houston)

Thanks, Prairie Rose, for adding to my mental art gallery. I had a guest this past weekend from Nova Scotia so we had a Thanksgiving celebration also. Only I made cajun food and played lots of cajun music. (Showed her what she missed by not having ancestors who migrated to Louisiana back then.) Have another beautiful day. -- Marie

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Ah, was she French or English? Not that I am French, far from it, but I love Cajun Cooking!!! Would have loved to been a guest at your table. But then, what would one do for the rest of the week with no turkey leftovers? LOL

Today was clear and crisp. Got to 0 C last night and a balmy 13 today. Most of the trees are now naked, almost all of the flower beds are done for the season, but the coulee hills are still ablaze in reds and golds. No snow yet, and that could hold off for a few more months, but come the white stuff and frigid weather, I'll promise to find something pretty in the landscape. As long as the roads are not so slippery that a person can watch a little bit of the roadside and not concentrate on staying out of the ditch. LOL


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Marie_TX(z8 N Houston)

PR: My guest was an English speaker (from Halifax) but her French was excellent, too. She's actually Jewish. She and my youngest son who is in his third year of French, had a great time trying to converse in French. -- Marie

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