Neolamarkia cadamba

bronxfigsJuly 11, 2014

Just received a small packet of seeds, with no sowing instructions. Very little information can be found. I need some sowing instructions....please.


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Sounds interesting, this was all I could find though.

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Thanks for the link. I found the sowing information I needed.

I hope out of the 300 seeds that came in the packet, I get some germination, and a few plants for my efforts.

Can't understand why this plant is not grown in the USA, and in Florida, as an ornamental, patio tree, etc. It certainly is just as interesting as any Hibiscus, and the exotic, tennis ball flower are very eye-catching. But hey, that's just me.


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I imagine b/c it is rated for zone ten and higher, so while some in FL may grow it not the vast majority of us, check back in and let us know how it's doing.

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