This Means War!!

Gutzmek(6)November 20, 2012

Obviously, these spider mites have no idea they are starting to mess with a Marine. Failure is not an option at this point, and I will be victorious. I spent the day pruning and drowning the little SOBs. And the attacks will be relentless until victory is achieved. I tried to move the 'friendly' insects, but collateral damage is acceptable. Mark my words mites, your days are numbered.

Sorry, I needed to vent.


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Heh, sorry you're having problems Ed. I felt the same way until I started to use the systemic spray. I was afraid the spray would detract from attracting butterflies but from what I've seen that only last a day or two after the plants are sprayed.

Being that the plants are indoors now, I'm thinking your wife wouldn't have a problem with collateral damage ;-) Good luck with your battle!


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Yes - good luck with your battle! If you think YOU have mite problems, you should live in Florida - battling mites is a way of life for us!!! LOL

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Operation Crystal Water was a success. The enemy has been neutralized and there is not a yellow leaf in site. Collateral damage was minimized by a simple temporary relocation.
Friendly casualties - 0%
Civilian casualties - 0% to unknown
Enemy combatants - at least 90% or more.
Note to self, although the method was tedious, the enemy was eliminated with little environmental impact. Will recommend to others.
Again venting (or gloating).

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