Little tiny Red Bugs are killing my Hibiscus...Please Help!

frank27603November 1, 2008

Please help! I moved my tropical Hibiscus in for the winter, but it has become infested with little red bugs that appear to be killing it. The leaves are drying up and turning spotty colors. I've had aphids before, but they didn't kill the plant. These bugs are on the plant and in the soil too.

I've searched past posts and did not see any info for this type of infestation. I can't figure out what they are either... Does anyone have a tried and true method to kill these bugs and save my plant? I have used insect spray on indoor plants before and they always die. This was my grandmother's Hibiscus that she loved and I really want to save it! Please see the photos below.

Your help would be graciously appreciated!


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Run to a garden center to buy Cygon or other SYSTEMIC poison. Water with the poison per instructions and also spray your plant. The spray should kill the ones that are visible and the systemic will kiil the ones in the soil and any babies when they hatch from the eggs. Since these are not edibles the systemic will do fine.

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Thank you for responding, tsmith2579.

Before I received your response, I went to my local garden center to inquire. They told me to spray the plant with diluted dish soap and spray it into the soil as well. They assured me it was completely safe to do so. Well, I did as they suggested and the bugs seemed to die as soon as the soapy water him them. I cleaned it up and put fresh soil in the pot and set it out for a sun bath. Breathing a sigh of relief, I really thought it was going to be all good...

Well, I can tell you all that what I did is apparently NOT and I repeat NOT what you do. My plant is now dead as a hammer and I am just sick over it. I have since read that maybe it was putting it out in the hot sun that did it in. I am unsure what happened.

Hopefully, my misfortune will help someone else to avoid this trauma.


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