please id this varity

souradeep1982(India(Calcutta))November 29, 2013

Hi friends
This is one of my tropicals.Can any of you id it for me. It has a 7"-8" dia with curly edges. It's sad that in this part of the world hibs are sold without id.I have this plant for 4 years but still couldn't manage to find its name.

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It sure is a beauty! Perhaps you can identify it from pix on the Hidden Valley Hibiscus website.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

last I heard there are over 800 named varieties ,makes it tough to get an I.D. Selling without names is common on this side of the pacific also lol That sure is a beauty showing a lot of hybridization so you might be able to get close to an I D at least a similarity gary

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palmfan & garyfla thank you for your replies.I'll try to find an id with a pic search. happy gardening

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