Confederate Rose

ladebugz(9)November 20, 2009

Im wondering how many types of CR there are. This year in my garden I was amazed to ID three already.

1. Big fluffy flowers that go from pink to pinker to, (like the pic on forum page)

2. Single standard hibiscus flower that goes from white-pink-dark pink (red)

3. Double that has same color change as #2

#1 really showed off this year. Literally dozens of blooms everyday. When they fell off you could hear them "thump". I'd gladly share some cuttings if someone could share some information on these. Thanks so much!

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I am aware of these 6 varieties:
Single white which turns pink
Single deep pink name Rubra or Rubrum
Single light pink which get darker (available from Plant Delights)
Double white which turns pink
Double pink which gets darker
Double pink variety called "Alma's Star". It supposed blooms pink with five blooms at the same time and will last as a cut flower for several days. Google Alma's Star for availability.
I believe there is a variation of the double pink because I see one nearby which blooms in August while mine doesn't bloom until mid-September.

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