Canning potatoes - what to do with them?

prairiegirl00(z6 MO)October 2, 2005

I frequently buy 10lb bags of potatoes and find that I always have leftover ones that I end up throwing away. I would like to can them however I don't know what I would use them for - what type of recipes - after they were canned. I'd appreciate any info on what you do with them. Thank you!

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Unfortunately, I don't can my own, but I do get them from the store and I use them for potato salad, potato-leek soup, parslied potatoes, and I sometimes put them into other soups.

One recipe I liked, I had while travelling on a sailboat. (EVERYTHING tastes great when you are boating!) It's a pretty good "pantry" meal that's easy to throw together.

Boat Clam Chowder

Canned New England Clam Chowder (we used Progresso)
Refrigerated Alfredo sauce (1/2 container)
Canned potatoes
Canned clams (drained)

Heat through!

I always rinse the canned potatoes from the store to get rid of the metallic taste, but home canned should be fine as is.


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malonanddonna(z7 NC)

prairiegirl - I would think they would be great just heated up with some butter, salt and pepper. Or mixed with a jar of home canned green beans. Or heated with milk, butter salt and pepper and then mashed. They will be nice and tender so no french fries could be made. Maybe a loaf of potato bread?


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gran2(z5 INDIANA)

yes, and it works very well. You have to pressure can, peeled. It's kinda nice to have instant food on the shelf. They are a bit bland, but browned in a bit of bacon grease with onion is very nice.

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you can hashbrown or french fry cooked potato with better results than raw, just drain and chill in a fridge to get firm for cutting or shredding. Canned potato should be able to be used for just about any use soup stew mash fry etc. Do be careful to follow most recent usda practices potato and any root crop have more inherant risk of botulism contamination which can survive improper canning and is potentialy deadly.

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one way i like to fix canned potatoes is to put about 2 tbl spoons of bacon grease in bottom of a sauce pan and add a little onion and garlic and let it cook till tender. Then I drain potatoes and add them and cook till warm. Then i add a cheese sauce I make just like for mac and cheese. They can be served like this or placed in a cassarole dish and baked till they start browning on top. you can also add some shredded chedder on top then put in oven

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hotzcatz(Hamakua, Hawaii)

A lot of times I'll make a huge amount of soup or stew and then can or freeze half of it to save it for later. You could do the same with the potatoes so instead of canned potatoes you'd end up with soup or stew.

We used to get fifty pound bags of potatoes and then run them through a french fry cutter and freeze them in small portions. I don't know if you have a big freezer, but that would be an option for potato storage.

Drying them would also store them, although then you are back to the "what to do with" afterwards question again.

There used to be ways of storing potatoes for months in root cellars, perhaps you could just save them as fresh potatoes.

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