Catnip- Questions on Propagation and Seeds Collecting

house_first_timer(9)June 20, 2007

How can I collect seeds from my catnips? Their flowers are blooming now, quite nice looking.

Also, I've tried to root some cuttings in water, 2 weeks or so have passes, still no new roots yet. So, what's the easiest way to root new cuttings?


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Let your flowers mature, turn brown, and dry. Then you can cut the stalks and shake seeds into a bag. The seeds are very small and take a while to germinate in the spring, but once you plant one plant, you wind up with a pretty good patch of it. It reseeds pretty well if you want to keep it in the same area(or pot). I have put large rocks around the smaller plants to keep neighborhood(and my own)cats from rubbing it into the ground. Once the plants get above the rocks, the cats can roll in it all they want and it will survive. If your cuttings won't root in water, you may try sticking new cuttings in a small pot of moist medium and keeping it in the shade for a while until you see new growth. You could also try it with and without rooting hormone and see which works best. I have never rooted catnip cuttings. I'm sure you will get responses from those that have.

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Thanks for your information, it helps a lot.

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I wish this thread had continued.

I just took some catnip cuttings and now i'm dying to know what to do with them before they dry out!

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oakleif(z6 AR)

My catnip have gone wild in an old garden spot.Think i've about 15 plants over there.They like full sun. As noinwi above said plant cuttings in soil in a pot. but i'd use fresh cuttings. Keep soil damp not soggy wet.

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sparrowhawk(z4 ME)

I've had success starting cuttings by just sticking them in moist soil in partial shade. You might have greater success using root hormone, or watering with a willow tea.

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

The catnip growing wild here-and-there about my place is an effective self-seeder. I would try collecting seeds from the dry, brown flower heads of your catnip - as mentioned above. Plant those seeds this fall for plants next year. The seed grown plants are quite vigorous and strong. See link below.


Here is a link that might be useful: How to grow catnip

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I have placed cuttings from healthy catnip plants into sparkling mineral water. I have found in the past that cuttings (mint) that were dying would grow new leaves when placed in mineral water. Unfortunately I see no developement of roots after 1.5 weeks. The cutting are still healthy, but I am pretty sure they will not grow roots.

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