Will these cuttings be ok?

danesnpits(2a)November 20, 2013

I ordered 3 hisbiscus cuttings from Portugal to Canada and stuck in customs 3 weeks. Do you think these are plantable? I plan to try stimroot them with that pink powder when they arrive. And stick them in soil with perlite, vermiculate etc...plus bag them. Keep them under some lights and possibly on a heat mat.

Here is a link that might be useful: ebay auction where I bought them.

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I guess the first question I would ask is why you ordered plants from Europe?
We're you looking to get a particular flower?

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That looks like one I have only my flower is yellow, with orange it's one of my favorites.

same one in 2009

I have some more taken this last week on my camera,just need to upload them to the computer.

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I have a beautiful double pinkish/orange flowering plant I rooted from a lovely standard that was still a lush green on a Mid/late December day in New York. I HAD to save this plant I admired in that garden so I asked for a cutting before it froze to death. I have two plants of it in my kitchen. It is a reliable bloomer inside and out. To my eye it is superior to the flower pix posted in this thread. I also have a choice double red from Hidden Valley Hibiscus that they claim is the original Hibiscus rosa-sinensis species. This one also performs well as a houseplant but dislikes chills more than my first described plant. The red one will wilt if exposed to temperatures below 50 and will sulk if kept chilly.

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