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JAvery07(8)November 16, 2013

Hey y'all I'm needing a little advise. I have a turn of the century and a hybrid hibiscus, ( the hybrid I have no idea of the name did research but can't find it) well I have winterized them but they don't seem to be doing so well. I have other hibiscus that are doing well I'm just wandering does anyone know what could be the problem maybe a bug? I live in Louisiana. I know my turn of the century is hardy but I haven't planted it so I winterized it all the others are tropical and have not been left out under 40'. Thanks for any input or advise! :)

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Define 'not doing well'. I grow Cajun Hibiscus and have them in the greenhouse. They are yellowing and losing leaves, which is normal. Mine are not receiving the water and high light they are used to and the change in these factors and lack of heat cause them to go into dormancy.

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