Good land at a fair price hard to find.

WDJeffersOctober 6, 2013

Let me start this off by stating I found this forum following a lead on the cheapest land in the US. interesting responses.
I am going to list what I am looking for. please leave responses on where to look or resources that will help in my search.
Looking for land that is secluded and out of the way for off grid living.
I am needing soil suitable for a very large vegetable garden.corn and wheat, and a few fruit and nut trees. grass land enough for a few horses, some cows and a few chickens.
should have woodland area with good hunting.
Needs to have a natural spring or other good source of clean water. and if not a pond the ability to build one.
I do not need nor desire power, telephone, city water or sewer, long drive for supplies are great.
Any help in finding this paradise would be great.

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zzackey(8b GA)

Wow! Way to go. I am not that gungho to do without electric. My area sound perfect for you except for the soil and you probably can't grow wheat here. The soil is all sand but you could beef it up with compost and leaves. I live in southeast Georgia. More pine trees than people here. You can drive for an hour and only see a few houses here.

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thank you, my plan is to install a combination of solar and wind for most needs, I have been looking at the east side of Georgia, It is hard to find agents to work with me because I am not looking for the high end land. if you have anything for sale in your area letting me know who its listed with would be great

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