Foot powered grindstone

jim_k(z6 KY)October 25, 2005

I donÂt know if this is exactly right forum to post this, but the people here seem to build a lot of their own tools.

I am looking for plans to construct a stand and hanger for an old sandstone grindstone to wet sharpen various tools without changing the temper of the tool. I have searched the net and found only pictures (not of very good quality) of the stand and hanger. Anyone have any suggestions where a plan may be located to construct a stand and hanger?

Below is a picture of a grindstone on a stand with hanger. It is made of metal and I wanted to make a wooden stand and hanger for my stone.

Another forum suggested Build It Better Yourself, published by Rodale Press, no hanger or stand in the book. If anyone has one of these, could you post a picture here or e-mail me a picture?

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Pooh Bear

I don't know if the info is there or not,
But here is a site with bunches of plans and ideas.
You mite find something there.

Pooh Bear

Here is a link that might be useful: Vintage Farm Plans

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jim_k(z6 KY)

Pooh Bear,
I didnÂt find any downloadable plans on the site, but I did find enough pictures to draw my own plan for the stand and hanger.

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